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Body Butter

Your search for the perfect skin moisturizer stops here. Shop our amazing body butter selection now.

Shop Our Body Butters

Our Body Butter Will Treat Your Skin the Way It Deserves

If you’ve been seeing the major body butter benefits and are ready to dive in, then look no further than our amazing selection. 


You may be wondering why body butters have risen in popularity in recent years. Whether you’re new to body butter benefits or you’ve been on the body butter train for a while, skincare lovers everywhere simply can’t get enough of it! Yet our body butter has a special touch. In addition to the extensive amount of moisture, the natural-based ingredients and the exotic fragrances, the one thing that makes Sirah’s Bottled Experiences stand out is our direct connection to the place that started it all. Not only that, we carry handmade body butter products that we make right at home. 


When it comes to sweet scents, what’s your flavor? Whether you like warm smells like our Cozy Cocoa Cashmere Body Butter or floral fragrances like our Heart of Rose, you’ll find exactly what suits your mood. 

Your skin will love each one; shop our body butter selection now.

FAQs: Body Butter

What does body butter do?

Body butter heals and softens skin. Its primary purpose is to moisturize your body and maintain moisture for a prolonged period of time. 

Is it OK to use body butter on your face?

Although it is generally safe to use on your face, we recommend body butter for body use only.  

What are some benefits of body butter?

While the benefits of body butter are immeasurable, here are 3 major benefits of body butter: 

  1. High-level moisture 

  2. Naturally-based ingredients

  3. Protection from harsh weather

Why use body butter instead of lotion?

Simply put, many people use body butter instead of lotion because body butter has more moisture and is longer lasting. While lotion has been the standard for skincare for years, people have found that the ingredients pale in comparison to the moisture-packed ingredients of body butter. Because body butter is based on the shea nut, oils and other natural ingredients, it gives your body a thicker layer of hydration that typically last longer than lotion. These are just a few reasons why modern skincare lovers choose body butter over lotion. 

Does body butter clog pores?

Typically, no. Body butter does not clog pores for most people. However, people with wider pores do run the risk of having clogged pores from using it. Also, some ingredients found in body butter, such as coconut oil, can be considered comedogenic (able to clog pores). 

Again, it depends on different types of skin and their unique sensitivity, but most people won’t experience clogged pores while using body butter.

Behind-the-Scenes of How We Create Our Body Butter 

See the satisfying process of how we create our homemade and handmade body butters with our customers in mind. 

The Abundant Benefits of Our Body Butter

High-level moisture 
Naturally-based ingredients
Protection from dry weather
Next-level skin hydration
Partial sun protection
Anti-aging properties
Restoration from dry, damaged skin 
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