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Body oils are the perfect way to add a bit of luxury and radiance into your skincare routine and we've got you covered! Our lightweight oils give your skin the nourishment it deserves, leaving you feeling radiant, smooth and pleasantly fragrant.

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Key ingredients in body oil

Glow Up: How to Use Body Oil and Body Butter for Radiant Skin

Combining body oil with body butter can take your skincare routine to the next level, offering unparalleled hydration and a healthy, radiant glow. Here's a simple, step-by-step guide on how to use these two powerhouse products together.

Glowing, healthy skin demonstrating natural skincare results with radiance and vitality

Step 1: Apply Oil

Close-up of dewy, well-moisturized skin glowing under soft light. The skin appears smooth and hydrated.

Choose the Right Oil

Select a body oil that suits your skin type and needs. Our All Over Body Oil is lightweight with  jojoba oil which makes it ideal for all skin types.

Warm the Oil
Pump a small amount of body oil into your hands and rub them together to warm the oil. This helps it spread more easily and ensures better absorption.

Massage into Damp Skin
Apply the body oil to slightly damp skin, preferably right after a shower or bath. This helps lock in moisture. Gently massage the oil in circular motions.

Let It Absorb
Allow the oil to absorb into your skin for a few minutes. This gives your skin time to soak up the nutrients and provides a base layer of hydration.

Step 2: Seal With Body Butter

Pick Your Perfect Body Butter
Our Birthday Suit Buttah is a whipped Shea Body butter that comes in two scents (Sweet Guava, Cozy Cocoa Cashmere) to complement your body oil. 

Scoop and Warm
Scoop a small amount of body butter into your hands. Rub your palms together to warm and soften the butter, making it easier to apply. A little goes a long way so do not over apply.

Layer It On
Apply the body butter over the areas where you applied the body oil. The body butter acts as a seal, and provides an additional layer of hydration and protection.

Massage Thoroughly
Massage the body butter into your skin using circular motions.

 luxurious body butter, creamy and rich, perfect for nourishing and moisturizing skin

Step 3: Enjoy Glowy, Soft Skin!

Close-up portrait of a serene face showcasing healthy, glowing skin, exemplifying skincare results

Luxurious Hydration
This duo helps to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of dryness and fine lines.

Radiant Glow
Using both products together gives your skin a beautiful, healthy glow. The oil provides a radiant sheen, while the butter ensures your skin receives the nutrients it needs to feel soft,  moisturized and protected throughout the day.

Softer, Smoother Skin
Regular use of body oil and body butter can transform your skin texture, making it softer, smoother, and more resilient. Enjoy the luxurious feel and the confidence that comes with having beautifully hydrated skin.

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FAQs: Body Oil 

What are the benefits of using body oils?

Body oils provide deep hydration, nourishment, and can improve skin elasticity. They also help to maintain skin's natural moisture barrier and promote a radiant, healthy glow.

How do I use body oils in my skincare routine?

Body oils can be applied to damp skin after a shower or bath to lock in moisture. Gently massage a small amount into your skin until absorbed. They can also be used as a luxurious treat for dry patches or as a massage oil.

How should I store my body oils?

To maintain their efficacy, store body oils in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.

Are body oils suitable for all skin types?

Yes, body oils can be beneficial for all skin types, including dry, sensitive, oily, and combination skin. Look for oils specifically formulated for your skin's needs.

Can body oils help with stretch marks and scars?

Body oils contain ingredients like vitamin E and essential fatty acids that may help improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars over time with consistent use.

Can I use body oils on my face?

While body oils are typically formulated for the body, our All Over Body Oil is lightweight and non-comedogenic. When used sparingly, is suitable for facial use. It's always best to patch test first.

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