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Our Story

See how our passion for skin and self-care turned into a fast-growing body butter brand. (But we never forgot where we came from!)

A Letter from Our
Founder & CEO

We're in the business of self-care and providing products that will add a little TLC to your day. From shea body butters to oils to cleansers, let us be your one-stop shop! All our products are handmade with the finest ingredients mother nature has to offer. 


Sirah's Bottled Experiences began as an idea that originated back in 2018. I started having severe breakouts and a plethora of health issues that put me on high alert of the things I was putting in my body and on my body. I became the person that stops to read product labels while shopping, studying and googling all the ingredients. I took up formulating classes first as a hobby, to be able to make my own personal care products. What started as my new hobby during my free time after college became a newfound love for formulating cosmetics that people like me would enjoy using. I loved the fact that I could curate amazing products for my hair and skin based on my needs as a Black woman, using ingredients that were familiar to me. But, most importantly products that are simple, effective and free of unnecessary chemicals that in the long run do not benefit our skin or health.


I grew a desire to share this joy through the creation of my own Black-owned skincare brand, Sirah's Bottled Experiences. "Sirah" is a Bambara word that translates to "firstborn daughter" originating from my Mandinka heritage. This term was lovingly given to me by my parents as I am their beloved oldest girl.


Sirah’s Bottled Experiences was born as a way to share my formulation journey and the joy of creating skincare and cosmetic products that will allow everyone to feel nourished, free, and connected to the culture that I hold so dear to me.

Thank you for trusting me and my team to bring you wonderful products your body will love. 


Safiatu "Safi" Keita

Founder & CEO

Sirah's Bottled Experiences

The African Shea Nut Is 
The Heart of Our Pride

Our body butter is a unique and effective skincare product, from its biological structure to the history behind how it is made. 

Each of our body butters begin with raw shea butter, an ingredient native and rich all throughout the continent of Africa. The thick textured cream is the perfect moisturizer, curated using 100% natural shea butter, grown from the shea nut on a tree. 

Just as it is custom for many women to transform that shea nut into a creamy mixture for moisturizing their body and hair, so we have now taken the same process here in the U.S.A., paying homage to our Motherland, where the native women there started what has become a skincare phenomenon across the globe. 


Sweet-Smelling Skincare With Simple Ingredients

You can't do self-care without safety in mind. That's why we make all of our handmade, homemade body butters with simple ingredients and irresistible scents. 

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